School Management Software

Session login, Secure database, Students profiles management, Fees management, Visitor management, Students contact management, Family trees, Staff profiles management, Salary management, GP / Security Management, Accounts Management, Auto fee generate, Auto salary generate, Auto arrears forwarded, Class updates annually.


Restaurant Management System

A restaurant software website providing restaurateurs with tools for seamless management of operations, reservations, and customer experiences. With user-friendly interfaces and powerful analytics,


POS Management System

Point of sale (POS) software streamlines retail transactions by managing sales, inventory, and customer data in real-time. It enhances business efficiency and customer experience through seamless payment processing and detailed reporting.


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Session Login

Secure Database

Student Profile

Fees Management

Visitor Management

Family Trees

Student Contact

Staff Profile

GP & Security

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Aroosha Nawaz Official is a Digital Marketing Agency and business management software project provides in which school software and more.


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